Health isn’t something that is to be fixed by medicines and supplements, but in fact, about 80 percent of your health is maintained by the food that you eat. A healthy diet always results in an active and attractive person. There are a variety of variations which you can bring in your daily diet to make it healthy and nutritious. Your daily diet should cover the necessary nutrients that are essential for your daily intake. It is good to always consult a physician and get some insight on which foods make up a healthy diet. For now, these tips will surely help you in maintaining your diet.

Go for meals with starchy carbohydrates

The amount of starchy carbohydrates present in your meal should be one-third of it. Foods like potatoes, pasta, rice, and cereals include these starches. If you are consuming potatoes or a similar food, then you should prefer having their whole grain varieties because they have more fiber, and that helps to keep your tummy full for a long time. The intake of more starchy foods is a must in your diet; however, you should make sure that you don’t increase the calories by combining it with fat ingredients like oil.

Consume a lot of fruits and vegetables

What can possibly go wrong with a fruit? Absolutely nothing! Every fruit has its own benefit so you can eat any fruit that you like. Swapping your meals with a bowl full of fruits and vegetables is always a smart choice. It is recommended that you take about 5 portions of fruit and vegetable on a daily basis; this means that even if you have like 2 glasses of fruit juice or a smoothie that will still be counted as one portion.

Have a portion of fish daily or on alternate days

Fish is a great source of protein and doctors recommend that you take at least one portion of fish, including a small serving of oily fish as well. Salmon, mackerel, trout, and cod are famous choices for everyday meals.

Avoid having too much salt

This is especially for adults because those already with a blood pressure problem can have serious issues with it. This further leads to the risk of facing a heart disease. You should avoid bakery items as well because even if you aren’t taking salt directly in home-made food, these bakery items still have a lot of it, It is preferred that you read the food labels and then eat; your daily consumption of salt should not be more than 6g.

Maintain your weight and stay active

Exercise, again, is something that you can’t avoid and certainly should not avoid because of the numerous benefits. Doing even 15-minute intense workout session is more than enough for you because it keeps you active and can help you fight a lot of possible diseases. In addition to that, it even keeps you in good shape and therefore attractive all the time.