Natural source of vitamin D is sunlight but to be honest these days no one gets time to get out of bed and go out for a walk or don’t get time due to work or there can be many other reasons. This is causing a deficiency of vitamin D in many of us. Talk about this to your doctor about taking a blood test that will tell you if you have vitamin D deficiency or not. To fulfill this need, there are many food or supplements. A person needs up to 4000 IU a day. Let’s talk about reasons that you absolutely need vitamin D.

Mental sharpness

If you are getting more forgetful or mentally sluggish, then don’t lose hope. According to a British study, researchers performed blood test of more than 3000 men and discovered that people with higher level of vitamin D in their blood showed more information processing capabilities and more superior memory function than those with a low level of vitamin D.

Overall healthy

According to Colorado and Massachusetts researchers adding vitamin D to your daily food intake will help in boosting your body defense against diseases like colds and flu. Their research found that people with lower level vitamin D in their blood had infection recently than those with a higher level. Adding vitamin D to daily food seems to reduce risk to 10% if getting an infection.

Lose fat fast

If you are gaining weight and planning to hit the gym, then try to leave other supplements and consume vitamin D fortified orange juice. Studies show people who consume vitamin D lost fat faster than who don’t drink or drink orange juice without vitamin D in it. But don’t take it more than a glass. One glass is enough.

Healthier heart

If you want to don’t get heart problems, you might be interested to know people with low-level vitamin D have and 81 percent increase in the risk of death due to a heart disease and 51% chance of early death, according to a Copenhagen University Hospital study. That’s why you need to add vitamin D rich foods in your food lists like salmon and milk to keep healthy.

Healthy head hair

Every man wants his hair to be healthy and be with him his whole life. Researchers recently revealed that vitamin D plays a very important role in making you head hair healthy and thick. Vitamin D also revive receptors in hair follicles that are dying which lead to pattern baldness.

Lower the risk of cancer

In any kind of cancer patients, the most thing is in common is vitamin D deficiency according to the researchers. So it is better to take precautions and start use vitamin D in daily life to prevent cancer from happening.

Healthier and stronger teeth

According to researcher’s people with low level of vitamin D has undesirable gaps in the layer beneath the tooth’s enamel called dentin. As dentin make up to 85% of tooth’s structure, it’s very important to take vitamin D to stop irregularities from happening.