How Steroids Are Harming Your Body

Steroids are widely used to treat the number of medical conditions like prescribed after the surgery for the muscle growth, reproductive and immune system problems and metabolism. They are also often used by athletes or boxers to increase bone mass, inflammation, and bone mass. There are many types of steroids available in the market, and their use by patients is closely monitored. Many youngsters or athletes use steroids without any medical recommendation and often overdose them this leads to many physical diseases and psychological disorders. Overuse of steroids is harmful to the body because it disrupts the balance of various hormones in the body. Following are the common severe side effects of the steroids to the human body:

  1. Aggression and violent behavior

Aggression and violent behavior are one of the many consequences of steroids use. High levels of anxiety, sleep disturbances, paranoia and symptoms of depression and mania are common among steroids users. Use of steroids is also addictive in nature.

  1. Changes in the body appearance

The use of steroids causes water retention in the body and could lead to round face and facial hair growth in the females. It can also affect the female voice and skin. It is also related to eye infections like the formation of cataracts or glaucoma. It can also cause hair baldness both in men and women and continuous use of steroids could lead to permanent baldness.

  1. Effect on vital organs

The use of steroids affects our vital organs like heart, stomach, liver, kidney, and chest. Steroids can cause heart strokes and heart attacks because they are associated with increased production of low-density cholesterol in the body and reduce the production of high-density cholesterols. Further, high blood pressure and blood clots can be formed due to the use of steroids. The use of steroids is also related to increasing the production of stomach acid and inflammation of stomach lining. Steroids user often take excessive protein diet, and that could lead to stones in the kidney. High blood pressure due to steroids also affects kidney functioning and reduce filtration and blood supply to the vessels. Steroids also cause abnormal liver function, liver cancer, and irreversible liver damage. The use of steroids can also lead to impotence in the men.

  1. Bones and Muscles

Steroids affect the bones growth in the youngsters and cause bone pain. Further, it could lead to muscle tear and tendon rupture.

  1. Pregnancy and breastfeeding

Steroids use very harmful for pregnant women as it affects the health of the mother and the child. It can cause physiological deformities and psychological issues to the child. Similarly, If the child is breastfed, steroids can affect the baby health. So, the individual attention and medical consultation are required if the mother is taking steroids.

Thus, the use of steroids is very harmful to the human body. It is better to take care of yourself now and take preventive steps. You must consult any professional if you are addictive to steroids and want to quit it.


New Steroid Alternative To Prevent You From Consuming Banned Supplements

Health supplements and muscle building supplements are the right way to optimize the health of the individuals. Exercising and proper diet alone cannot help the individual to gain the muscular body. It will take much longer for getting the desired results. This is the reason why athlete beginners and body builders prefer to consume various health supplements. Steroid is one of the most popular types of supplements that are consumed for boosting the athletic performance. But it has been regarded as an illegal way to increase the energy level to higher level. Hence for this reason, it is banned in the sports world.  Now the body builders, athletes and players opt for the natural body building supplements that are the new steroid alternative. The steroids are either consumed or injected in the body right before the performance to improve the level of energy of the individual player. After consuming it, the player there is a rapid flow of energy that enhances the performance.

Choose your health supplement

Tons of supplements are there that are trolled for gaining lean muscles and higher muscular power by reducing the fat content in the body. It enhances the ability of the individual and helps him to enjoy a healthy body. These supplements are basically the artificial hormones that help in boosting the level of hormones in the body that are responsible for muscle growth and improved energy level of the consumer. If you are looking to buy the health supplements for better looks then you should check out the popular types of steroid alternatives. There are lots of stores in which this type of supplement is available. If you have any kind of doubt regarding the benefits or side effects of these supplements, you can take consultation from the experts.

Popular steroid alternatives

Some of the supplements for muscle building are as follows:

  • Creatin: It is naturally produced by the body but in very low amount. It is taken in order to give a catalyst to the body to enjoy better muscular power or muscular strength. It enhances the volume of fat cells in the body and promotes lean body mass.
  • Glutamine: This is a supplement that helps in preventing the muscular tissue from breakdown. It increases the body endurance and helps in increasing the muscular threshold of the body. It has shown the positive results on the consumers and there are many more benefits associated with it. Some of the health benefits of this health supplements include enhanced plasma growth hormone levels, improved immunity and prevent the burning of additional fat cells from your body.  It helps in restoration of muscle tissues.
  • Whey protein: Protein is the main body building factor in the body. It promotes the formation of new muscle cells in the body. When you start consuming the protein supplements, your body responds more quickly to begin the process of muscle formation.
  • Testosterone supplements: Testosterone is the male hormone that occurs naturally in the body. It helps in increasing the muscular power of the individual and increases the sexual ability of the consumer. Hence, the athletes and the body builders consume this type of supplement to boost the energy level.